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Gavialsuchus skull
Other Reptiles

Taxonomy: Crocodilia
Length: 70 centimeters
Age: Late Oligocene - Early Pliocene
Locality: North America and Europe
Price: 600 EUR (Convert)

Crocuta Crocuta Hyena skull

Taxonomy: Carnivora: Hyaenidae
Length: 40 centimeters
Age: Late Pliocene - Recent
Locality: Africa
Price: 260 EUR (Convert)

Crocodylus acutus skull replica
Other Reptiles

Length: 70 centimeters
Age: Holocene - Recent
Locality: Central America
Price: 600 EUR (Convert)

Canis dirus

Taxonomy: Carnivora: Canidae
Length: 30 centimeters
Age: Early Pleistocene–Late Pleistocene
Locality: North America and South America
Price: 270 EUR (Convert)

Archelon skull
Other Reptiles

Taxonomy: Testudines: Protostegidae
Length: 40 centimeters
Age: Late Cretaceous
Locality: North America
Price: 450 EUR (Convert)

Tapejara (Ingridia) navigans skull
Other Reptiles

Taxonomy: Pterosauria: Tapejaridae
Length: 51 centimeters
Age: Early Cretaceous
Locality: Santana Formation, Brazil
Price: 2000 EUR (Convert)


Two exclusive replicas, rare pterosaur skulls!

Tapejara imperator skull
Other Reptiles

Taxonomy: Pterosauria: Tapejaridae
Length: 87 centimeters
Age: Early Cretaceous
Locality: Santana Formation, Brazil
Price: 2500 EUR (Convert)


If you purchase the two pterosaur skulls 10% off!

Priscacara serrata

Taxonomy: Actinopterygii; Percidae
Length: 20 centimeters
Age: Eocene
Locality: USA, Wyoming
Price: 100 EUR (Convert)

Hitionotus oberndorferi

Length: 20 centimeters
Age: Jurassic
Locality: Germany
Price: 45 EUR (Convert)


Taxonomy: Cetacea; Archaeoceti; Basilosauridae
Length: 1.1 meters
Age: Mid Eocene
Locality: Western Sahara
Price: from 8800 EUR (Convert)

Zygomaturus tasmanicus

Taxonomy: Vombatiformes, Diprotodontidae
Length: 2.5 meters
Age: Late Tertiary and Quaternary Periods
Locality: Tasmania, Australia
Price: 22500 EUR (Convert)

Suminia getmanovi
Other Reptiles

Taxonomy: Therapsida; Anomodontia
Length: 20 centimeters
Age: Late Permian, Zone III, 250 million years ago
Locality: Kotelnich on the Vyatka River, Russia
Price: 265 EUR (Convert)

Other Reptiles

Taxonomy: Crocodyla; Mesosuchia; Paralligatoridae
Length: 59 centimeters
Age: Late Cretaceous (Santonian), Tayn Shireh Formation
Locality: Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Price: 675 EUR (Convert)

Platyoposaurus stuckenbergi

Taxonomy: Temnospondyli: Eryopoidae; Family Archegosauridae
Length: 37 centimeters
Age: Late Permian, Zone I and Zone II, 299-290 million
Locality: Belebey, Bashkortostan, Russia
Price: 430 EUR (Convert)

Nyctiphruretus acudens

Taxonomy: Captorhinida; Procolophonia; Family Nyctiphruretid
Length: 33 centimeters
Age: Late Permian, Zone II, 250 million years ago
Locality: Mesen River, northern part of European Russia
Price: 240 EUR (Convert)

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