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Labels: Dinosauria   Late Jurassic   Mesozoic   Morrison Formation   North America   Saurischia   Sauropoda   

Age:Late Jurassic
Locality:Howe Quarry, Morrison Formation, Wyoming, USA.
Length:17 meters
Weight:400 Kg
Weight Details:The total weight including the metal support.


Diplodocus was one of the first sauropods to be found and remains one of the most well known dinosaurs.

Casting materials

The cast skeleton has been made with the greatest possible fidelity. Visually it is virtually impossible to distinguish from the original. The casting material is polyurethan raisin re-enforced with fibre glass.


This Diplodocus skeleton (H.Q. one) was cast from original bones found by the Siber-Team in 1990 and 1991 at the Howe Ranch in North Central Wyoming USA. The Howe Dinosaur Quarry was originally opened in 1934 by the famous bone hunter Barnum Brown. It contained a mass grave of scattered Diplodocus skeletons. The bone maps drawn by R.T.Bird made it into many dinosaur books and publications. The Siber-Team reopened the site in 1990 and excavated parts of a small and a medium to large size Diplodocus named H.Q. One and H.Q. Two.


H.Q. One consists of about 50% original bones. The missing bones have been cast from other Diplodocus specimens which were found near the same site. Less than 10% of the bones needed to be sculpted in order to arrive at a complete set. The skeleton now includes a full skull, an extraordinarily detailed neck (with cervical ribs attached), a complete tail with the “whip lash”, all four limbs with hands and feet, ribs and gastral ribs, even claviculas, which have not been known to exist in Diplodocus.


Casts are presently on display at the Sauriermuseum in Aathal, Switzerland and at the Royal Natural History Museum in Brussels, Belgium.


The skeleton mount has been engineered for easy assembly. Should help be needed we can provide a set-up crew at cost.


Conventional pose
85000 EUR   (Convert)
Reared-up pose
98000 EUR   (Convert)
Unmounted set of bones
50000 EUR   (Convert)

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