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Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis

Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis Sichuan China sauropod cast replica Late Jurassic

Age:Late Jurassic
Locality:Sichuan, China
Length:22 meters
Width:3 meters
Height:6 meters


A very good cast of the impressing long necked sauropod Mamenchisaurus. The original specimen from which it has been cast is 90% complete. The reconstruction of the head was based on that of Diplodocus, but the head will be soon replaced with a new one. Our packing box size is 0.6m*0.4m*0.4m, the weigh is 5 kg.

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Mamenchisaurs hochuensis was excavated in 1957. It took a joint team from the Sichuan Museum and the Choanguing Museum three months to expose and lift the the entire skeleton. Skeleton of Mamenchisaurus hochuensis discovered at Taihezhen, Hechuan Country, Sichuan in 1957. This huge sauropod is 22m long and stands over 4 m high at the shoulder. Its neck has 19 bones, which is more than any other known dinosaur, while the head and neck together make up half the total length of the animal.


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