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Tyrannosaurus rex

Age:Late Cretaceous
Locality:Hell Creek FM, Montana, USA
Length:12.4 meters
Width:1.8 meters
Height:3.4 meters


An amazing specimen and a high quality cast, this Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most complete every found. It is not as complete as Sue, but several parts have never been found before. It has the most complete T. rex furcula (wishbone) ever, a nearly complete gastralia basket and the first t-rex 3rd finger! In all the specimen was 65% complete. The missing parts have been filled in from other Tyrannosaurus rex specimens, making this cast truly sensational! Bite marks from an other Tyrannosaurus rex are also preserved, especially on the right maxilla and a pathology in the right quadrate/articular, which may be related to the bite wound as well, could be the cause of death (research still in progress).


This specimen (Pecks Rex) is one of several very complete Tyrannosaurus rex found in recent years. It was discovered in Valley County, Montana in 1997, by Lou Trembley, member of a Team from the Notre Dame University, under the direction of Dr. Keith Rigby. Field work is still in progress. Fort Peck Paleontological Inc. plans to finish quarry excavation during the 2004 field season, and this may make Pecks Rex the second most complete Tyrannosaurus rex in the world.


Complete Tyrannosaurus rex
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