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Carnotaurus sastrei

Age:Late Cretaceous
Locality:Chubut, Argentina
Length:7 meters
Height:2.1 meters


This is the cast replica of the skeleton of the theropod Carnotaurus sastrei.
The skull of Carnotaurus is unusual for its deep shape and the horns just above the eyes. If the shape has not been artificially distorted it suggests that the skull was highly kinetic and could gape widely to swallow large objects.The 4 digits on each hand are a primitive feature (most carnosaurs had 2 or 3), and the forelimbs, not much longer than the fingers, were even shorter than in Tyrannosaurus, and did not bend, as they were formed from the upper arm bones only. Its skin was covered with 4-5 cm (2 in) diameter bumps in rows about 8-10 cm (4 in) apart, becoming larger towards the spine. Each bump was surrounded by 5mm (1/5 in) tubercles. Skin impressions representative of nearly the entire body length have been found, giving scientists their best information on dinosaur skin. Its long, muscular back legs probably made it more agile than the carnosaurs. It may have used its horns and thickened skull in intraspecific fighting.


Carnotaurus Skeleton
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