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Amargasaurus cazaui

Age:Early Cretaceous
Locality:La Amarga, Argentina
Length:9 meters
Availability:10 weeks


This is the cast replica of the skeleton of one of the most bizarre sauropods, the Amargasaurus cazaui.
Amargasaurus appears to have a “frill” running along most of its neck and back. Whether or not such a frill is common among sauropods is currently being debated.

Casting materials



SALGADO, L. & BONAPARTE, J.F. (1991). Un nuevo sauropodo Dicraeosauridae, Amargasaurus cazaui gen. et sp. nov., de la Formacion La Amarga, Neocomiano de la provincia del Neuquen, Argentina. Ameghiniana, 28(3-4): 333-346.
SALGADO, L. & CALVO, J.O. (1992). Cranial Osteology of Amargasaurus cazaui Salgado & Bonaparte (Sauropoda, Dicraesauridae) from the Neocomian of Patagonia. Ameghiniana. 29 (4): 337-346.


Includes mounting structure and packing
29100 EUR   (Convert)

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