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Zuniceratops christopheri

Age:Late Cretaceous
Locality:Moreno Hill Formation, New Mexico, USA
Length:2.75 meters


Zuniceratops is a Neoceratosian, not a real Ceratopsidae. It is the oldest Browhorned ceratopsian to this date and the oldest named american ceratopsian. Zuniceratops had prominent brow horns, but no nasal horn. Compared to the real Ceratopsidae it is relatively lightly build, yet it is bigger than its other Neoceratopsian relatives.


Wolfe, D.G. & J.I. Kirkland (1998). Zuniceratops christopheri n. gen & n.sp., a ceratopsian dinosaur from the Moreno Hill Formation (Cretaceous,Turonian) of west-central New Mexico. In Lucas, S.G. and Estep, J.W. (eds.). Lower and Middle Cretaceous Ecosystems. New Mexico Mus. Nat. Hist. Sci. Bull. 14: Pp. 303-317.

Wolfe, D.G. (2000). New information on the skull of Zuniceratops christopheri, a neoceratopsian dinosaur from the Cretaceous Moreno Hill Formation, New Mexico. In: Lucas, S.G. and Estep, J.W. (eds.). Dinosaurs of New Mexico. New Mexico Mus. Nat. Hist. Sci. Bull: 17. Pp. 93-94.


Zuniceratops mounted
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Zuniceratops unmounted
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