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Conchoraptor gracilis

Age:Late Cretaceous
Locality:Barun Goyot Formation, Omnogov, Mongolia
Length:1.5 meters


Adult Conchoraptors have been found broading on their nests. This oviraptosaur does not have a crest or a dome on the top of the skull, as do many of the other oviraptors. It is a derived oviraptor, closely related to Ingenia.

Oviraptors where highly specialised theropods closely related to birds. The basal Oviraptosaur Caudipteryx has been found with feathers and there is little doubt that the other oviraptors also had feathers.
The skulls are tooth-less, usually very short and highly pneumatic. There is much discussion as to their diet. A small carnivor has been found in one oviraptor nest, but i has also been suggested that they where herbivores.


Barsbold, R (1986). [Carnivor dinosaurs, Oviraptors]. In: Vorobyeva, E.I. (ed.) Herpetological studies in the Mongolian Peoples Republic. Akad. Nauk. S.S.S.R. Inst. A. M. Severtsova, Moskva. Pp. 210-223. (in Russian).

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Conchoraptor skeleton mounted
4300 EUR   (Convert)
Conchoraptor unmounted
2000 EUR   (Convert)
Conchoraptor mounted with nest
4600 EUR   (Convert)

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