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Ticinosuchus ferox

Ticinosuchus flesh out model reconstruction Archosauria: Rauisuchia: Prestosuchidae Middle Triassic (Anisian and Ladinian) Europe and Africa

Category:Non Dinosauria
Taxonomy:Archosauria: Rauisuchia: Prestosuchidae
Age:Middle Triassic (Anisian and Ladinian)
Locality:Europe and Africa
Length:2.5 meters


A partial skeleton of Ticinosuchus ferox is known from the Grenzbitumenzone (Anisian-Ladinian boundary), Tessin River, near Monte San Giorgio, Canton Tessin, Switzerland. However, this animal is also known from the Ladinian of northern Italy. At 2.5 metres it filled the medium terrestrial predator niche. Fossilized footprints called Chirotherium "hand beast" have also been found. They were probably left by an animal very like this one.


Flesh out model
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