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Lourinhanosaurus antunesi

Lourinhanosaurus antunesi skeleton cast replica dinosaur theropod

Taxonomy:Theropoda: Tetanurae
Age:Late Jurassic
Locality:Lourinhã, Portugal
Length:4.5 meters
Width:0.7 meters
Height:5 meters


Elements known: holotype has cervical, dorsal and caudal vertebrae, pelvis and hindlimbs. Embryos and eggs are also known.
Elements in display: Full skeleton

Etymology: Lizard of Lourinhã, dedicated to [Miguel Telles] Antunes.

Size: The full skeleton in display is about 4.5 meters long

Food regime: carnivore
Specimen code: ML370

Comment: The skeleton of Lourinhanosaurus antunesi has 4,5 meters, but it possible that this meet-eater dinosaur reached the 9 meters of length. More than thirty gastroliths (gizzard pebbles that helped to grind food) were found in the ribcage of Lourinhanosaurus. Between them, it was found four claws of small ornithopod dinosaur, its last meal. This case is only direct interaction evidence between two dinosaur species in Portugal and confirms the carnivore regime of Lourinhanosaurus albeit its gastroliths.

Also eggs and embryos of this species are known, being from one of the largest and older dinosaur nests in the world. The study of the Lourinhanosaurus embryo allowed a better knowledge concerning the growth of the dinosaurs. The name is after Lourinhã (Portugal) where was discovered and one of the places most productive for dinosaurs in the Late Jurassic of Europe.


Starndart quality
12000 EUR   (Convert)
Museum osteological quality
22000 EUR   (Convert)
Isolated set of bones from the holotype specimen
9000 EUR   (Convert)

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