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Labels: Africa   Dicynodont   Early Triassic   Fleshed-out   Mammal-like-reptile   Mesozoic   Middle Triassic   Triassic   

Category:Non Dinosauria
Taxonomy:Cynognathidae: Cynodontia:Therapsida:Synapsida
Age:Early - Middle Triassic
Locality:South Africa/Lesotho; Argentina; Antarctica and Ch
Length:1 meters


It was one of the more mammal-like of the "mammal-like reptiles" dominant group, a metre-long predator of the Lower-Middle Triassic, a member of a group called Eucynodontia. The genus Cynognathus had a more-or-less worldwide


Seeley (1895), "Researches on the structure, organization and classification of the fossil Reptilia. Part IX, section 1. On the Therosuchia". Phil. Transactions of the Roy. Soc. of London, series B 185 (21), p. 987-1018.


Flesh Out Model
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