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Labels: Archosauriformes   Europe   Fleshed-out   Marine   Mesozoic   Middle Triassic   Triassic   

Category:Non Dinosauria
Taxonomy:Tanystrophidae: Prolacertiformes: Archosauromorpha
Locality:Europe and the Middle East
Length:5 meters
Height:1.8 meters


Tanystropheus was areptile that dated from the Middle Triassic period. The main feature that stands out about this animal is its extremely elongated neck, which measured 3 meters (10 ft) long, longer than its body and tail combined. Tanystropheus has been often proposed and reconstructed as an aquatic or semi-aquatic reptile, which might have lived near the shore and eaten fish or shellfish. However Tanystropheus lacked any obvious water adaptations.


Fleshed out model reconstruction
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