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Labels: Carnivorous   Cretaceous   Late Cretaceous   Marine-Reptile   Mesozoic   Mosasaurs   Niobrara Chalk Formation   North America   Squamata   USA   
Platecarpus ictericus

Platecarpus ictericus mosasauridae mosasaur  marine Upper Cretaceous Kansas Niobrara formation

Category:Marine Reptiles
Age:Late Cretaceous
Locality:Niobrara formation, Kansas, USA
Length:1 meters
Width:0.6 meters
Colour:Dark brown


Platecarpus was a mosasaur, a marine reptile that lived in the Upper Cretaceous ( around 80 million years). The original was discovered west of Kansas, USA and belongs to the Niobrara formation. The plate measures 100 x 60 centimetres.


Platecarpus ictericus skull
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