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Homo erectus

Homo erectus Pithecanthropus erectus, Sinanthropus pekinensis, Javanthropus soloensis, Meganthropus paleojavanicus Primates: Hominidae Africa ( Lake Turkana, Olduvai Gorge), Europe (Georgia) sculpt models restoration reconstructions cast casts copyin

Taxonomy:Primates: Hominidae
Age:Pleistocene (1.8 and 1.0 million years)
Locality:Africa ( Lake Turkana, Olduvai Gorge), Europe (Geo
Length:1.6 meters


Synonyms: Pithecanthropus erectus, Sinanthropus pekinensis, Javanthropus soloensis, Meganthropus paleojavanicus


F. Spoor, M. G. Leakey, P. N. Gathogo, F. H. Brown, S. C. Antón, I. McDougall, C. Kiarie, F. K. Manthi & L. N. Leakey (9 August 2007). Implications of new early Homo fossils from Ileret, east of Lake Turkana, Kenya. Nature (448): 688-691. Kalb, John (2004). Adventures in the Bone Trade: The Race to Discover Human Ancestors in Ethiopia Afar Depression. Springer, p. 76. Cornevin, Robert (1967). Histoire de lAfrique. Payotte, p. 440. Mikko Phylogeny Archive. Retrieved on 2007-01-12. Wood, Bernard (2002-07-11). Palaeoanthropology: Hominid revelations from Chad. Nature (418): 133–135. Nature Publishing Group. Bryson, Bill. A Short History of Nearly Everything: Special Illustrated Edition. Toronto: Doubleday Canada. ISBN 0-385-66198-3. Gibbons, Ann (1998-03-13). PALEOANTHROPOLOGY: Ancient Island Tools Suggest Homo erectus Was a Seafarer. Science 279 (5357): 1635-1637. Ruhlen, Merritt (1994). The origin of language: tracing the evolution of the mother tongue. New York: Wiley. Boehm, Christopher (1999). Hierarchy in the forest: the evolution of egalitarian behavior. Cambridge: Harvard University Press; p. 198 Paolo Novaresio, The Explorers, published 1996 by Stewart, Tabori & Chang ; p. 13: [Homo erectus] roamed the natural corridor of the Great Rift Valley as far as the Red Sea. Erectus Ahoy Prehistoric seafaring floats into view James Owen. Neanderthals, Modern Humans Interbred, Bone Study Suggests. National Geographic News. Retrieved on January 14, 2008. John Whitfield. Lovers not fighters. Scientific american. Retrieved on February 23, 2008. J. Kappelman et al.First Homo erectus from Turkey and implications for migrations into temperate Eurasia. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 135 (1): 110-116.


Homo erectus model
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