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Struthiomimus Coelurosauria: Ornithomimidae Late  Cretaceous Campanian  Maastrichtian  Severn Formation, Maryland, US sculpt models restoration reconstructions cast casts copying replicas reconstruction restorations duplications reproduction copyings

Taxonomy:Coelurosauria: Ornithomimidae
Age:Late Cretaceous Campanian Maastrichtian
Locality: Severn Formation, Maryland, US
Length:3.2 meters
Width:0.5 meters
Height:1.6 meters
Weight:33 Kg


Struthiomimus is a fine fleshed-model from this strange theropod from the late Cretaceous.


Work by T.R. Holtz Jr. indicates that Coelosaurus may not be an ornithomimid as determined by Baird & Horner (1979). Gallagher (1993) considered it a dryptosaurid. Since Leidy generic name Coelosaurus is preoccupied, a replacement name will have to be created if this species is to be separated into its own genus.


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