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Pachycephalosaurus  Ornithischia Genasauria Cerapoda Marginocephalia Pachycephalosauria Pachycephalosauridae Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis sculpt models restoration reconstructions cast casts copying replicas reconstruction restorations duplication

Taxonomy:Pachycephalosauria: Pachycephalosauridae
Age:Late Cretaceous Campanian Maastrichtian
Locality:Lance Formation, Hell Creek Formation, USA
Length:4.2 meters
Width:0.7 meters
Height:2 meters
Weight:115 Kg


This is a fleshed-out model of the thick-headed lizard Pachycephalosaurus. The largest of the bone-headed dinosaurs, Pachycephalosaurus is known from only one skull and a few immensely thick skull roofs up to 25cm thick. The teeth were tiny. Because remains other than those of skulls are unknown, the body proportions and size had to be estimated from the known skeletons of other pachycephalosaurs, especially Stegoceras.


Pachycephalosaurus type species was originally Pachycephalosaurus grangeri, but this was synonymized with earlier-named Troodon wyomingensis and thus became Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis.


Pachycephalosaurus model
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