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Parasaurolophus walkeri Late Cretaceous  Campanian Red Deer River about 1/2 mile west of Crown sculpt models restoration reconstructions cast casts copying replicas reconstruction restorations duplications reproduction copyings duplication reproducti

Taxonomy:Hadrosauridae: Lambeosaurinae
Age:Late Cretaceous Campanian
Locality:Red Deer River about 1/2 mile west of Crown,
Length:8.6 meters
Width:1.3 meters
Height:3.1 meters


Parasaurolophus fleshed-out model.


Weishampel and Jensen (1979) reported on Parasaurolophus remains from Utah, Titus, Gilette and Albright (2001) in an abstract reported on an articulated partial lambeisaurine skeleton recovered from the Late Campanian Kaiparowits Formation whitin the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah, Gillette, D.D., Albright, L.B. Titus, A.L. & Graffam, M.H. (2002) reported also on skin impressions from the tail of this hadrosaurian dinosaur.


ROM 00768 Holoytpe Complete skull and partial postcranial skeleton collected in 1920.


Parasaurolophus model
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