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Protoceratops Ceratopia Neoceratopia Protoceratopidae Late Cretaceous (?Santonian  Campanian) Djadochta Formation, Beds of Toogreeg SCULPT MODELS RESTORATION RECONSTRUCTIONS CAST CASTS COPYING REPLICAS RECONSTRUCTION RESTORATIONS DUPLICATIONS REPRODU

Taxonomy:Ceratopia Neoceratopia Protoceratopidae
Age:Late Cretaceous (?Santonian Campanian)
Locality:Djadochta Formation, Beds of Toogreeg, ?Beds of Al
Length:2.3 meters
Width:0.55 meters
Height:0.85 meters


This is a fine fleshed-out model from the abundant species Protoceratops. There are about 80 skulls from this species, some skeletons juvenile to adult. Protoceratops (first horned face) was discovered by an American expedition to Mongolia in the early 1920s. The numerous skeletons belonged to four- legged plant-eaters with outsize heads, bony neck frills, sharp, shearing cheek teeth, and parrot- like beaks. Re-examining some of the dozens of Protoceratops fossil skulls, from hatchlings to old individuals led a Russian scientist in 1990 to re-identify two as belonging to a new genus Breviceratops, Protoceratops (and Breviceratops retain premaxillary teeth all other neoceratopians have lost them.


Protoceratops model
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