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Nothronychus mckinleyi

Taxonomy:Theropoda: Therizinosauridae
Age:Late Cretaceous
Locality:Tropic Shale Formation; Kane County, Utah, USA
Length:4.39 meters


Nothronychus (sloth-like claw) was larger than Erlikosaurus or Segnosaurus but in some ways more primitive than his Asian relatives. Nothronychus is closer to these than Beipiaosaurus and Alxasaurus. Nothronychus had a long thin neck long arms, dexterous hands, four-inch curved claws on its fingers, a large abdomen, a small head with a mouth full of leaf-shaped teeth designed for shredding vegetation, a relatively short tail and stout back legs. [Holotype is MSM P-2117.

Casting materials

Polyurethane resin


Nothronychus mckinleyi mounted cast
27500 EUR   (Convert)
Nothronychus mckinleyi unmounted cast
17500 EUR   (Convert)

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