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Labels: Carnivorous   Cloverly Formation   Complete   Cretaceous   Dinosauria   Early Cretaceous   Mesozoic   North America   Skeleton   Theropoda   USA   
Deinonychus sp.

Age:Early Cretaceous
Locality:Cloverly Formation, Montana/Wyoming, USA
Length:3 meters

Casting materials

The skeleton replica is made out of polyester and polyurethane.


The skeleton can be assembled in just a few minutes. The mounting structure is included.


Deinonychus (mounted)
8000 EUR   (Convert)
Deinonychus (mounted)
8000 EUR   (Convert)
Pack of 2 Deinonychus (mounted)
15000 EUR   (Convert)
Pack of 3 Deinonychus (mounted)
22000 EUR   (Convert)

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