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Gastonia burgei Juvenile

Taxonomy:Ankylosauria: Nodosauridae
Age:Early Cretaceous (Barremian)
Locality:Dalton Wells, Cedar Mountain Formation, USA
Length:3.35 meters


Named after Mr. Gaston and Don Burge. holotype specimen: partial skeleton and skull, housed at (CEU) College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum, Price, Utah other material: at least 3-4 additional skulls, many spines, and other fragmentary bones discovered: 1994. Jim Kirkland worked on the material, sponsored in part by a National Geographic Research Grant and by CEU.


Specimen at Brigham Young University Earth Sciences Museum.


Assembled Gastonia Skeleton
18800 EUR   (Convert)
Unassembled Gastonia Skeleton
10800 EUR   (Convert)

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