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Animantarx ramaljonesi

Taxonomy:Ankylosauria: Nodosauridae
Age:Late Cretaceous
Locality:Cedar Mountain Formation of Utah, USA
Length:3.35 meters


Animantarx - living fortress - is a small armored medium-sized Pawpawsaurus-like nodosaurid ankylosaur whit rowboat shaped cups of armor. Animantarx is known from a partial skull and right mandible, and a partial skeleton, including vertebrae, ribs, both scapula-coracoids, humerus, femur and left ilium with ischium [Holotype: CEUM 6228R (Prehistoric Museum, College of Eastern Utah)]. Animantarx skull is estimated at 25 cm long and has a high-domed cranium, very small post-orbital horns, small quadratojugal horn, and an elongated coracoid about 63% the length of the scapula.


Animantarx ramaljonesi mounted skeleton
18800 EUR   (Convert)
Animantarx skeleton kit
10800 EUR   (Convert)

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