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Gallimimus bullatus

Taxonomy:Theropoda: Ornithomimidae
Age:Late Cretaceous
Locality:Nemegt;, Mongolia
Length:3.35 meters


Gallimimus is a monotypic genus with Gallimimus bullatus as the type species. Three nearly complete skeletons from Mongolia Gobi Desert make chicken mimic the best known ornithomimid, or ostrich dinosaur. Over twice the length of a modernday ostrich. Gallimimus was the largest of a group of lightly built, bird-like theropods from Africa, East Asia, and western North America. It had a long, toothless beak, a slim neck, a short body, a stiffened tail, three- fingered hands, and slender legs. It also had a bird intelligence and big, outward-facing eyes.


Gallimimus unmounted kit of bones
13700 EUR   (Convert)
Gallimimus mounted skeleton
21600 EUR   (Convert)

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