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Labels: Asia   Carnivorous   Cretaceous   Dinosauria   Late Cretaceous   Mesozoic   Mongolia   Nemegt Formation   Skull   Theropoda   Tyrannosauridae   
Tarbosaurus bataar

Taxonomy:Theropoda: Tyrannosauridae
Age:Late Cretaceous
Locality:Nemegt Formation, Omnogov, Mongolia
Length:0.76 meters


Tarbosaurus was practically identical with Tyrannosaurus, although there are a few relatively minor differences in the structure of the skullbones that serve to distinguish the two forms. Apparently fully adult specimens never attained the size of the largest Tyrannosaurus specimens. Despite the relatively enormous distance that separates Tyrannosaurus and Tarbosaurus geographically, it is very tempting to place them in the same genus: this would certainly have been done had the Tarbosaurus remains come from Canada. From Dinodata.org.


Tarbosaurus mounted skull
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