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Saichania chulsanensis

Taxonomy:Ankylosauria: Ankylosauridae
Age:Late Cretaceous
Locality:Barun Goyot Formation, Mongolia
Length:0.44 meters


Saichania chulsanensis (skull length to 450 mm; width to 480 mm) is characterized by large oval external naris stuated rostrally, divided by a horzontal septum; relatively small number of scutes cover the skull roof. The postcranial skeleton is very massive. Dermal armor covers the ventral and dorsal sides of the body, a feature unique whitin the Ankylosauria, although the armor of many taxa is incompletely known. 3 specimens, including 2 complete skulls, nearly complete postcranial skeleton and armor. Holotype GI SPS 101/151, skull with mandibles and the anterior part of the postcranial skeleton and armour in natural articulation. Other referred material: fragments of a skull roof and armour from the type locality and an undescribed skull, mandibles and almost complete postcranial skeleton from Khermeen Tsav. From Dinodata.org


Saichania chulsanensis skull with base
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