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Alvarezsaurus calvoi

Taxonomy:Theropoda; Alvarezsauridae
Age:Late Cretaceous
Locality:Rio Colorado Formation, Con - Sant, Argentina
Length:0.9 meters
Height:0.5 meters


Alvarezsaurus is a genus of small alvarezsaurid dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous period of Argentina, approximately 89 - 85 million years ago. Estimates suggest that it measured about 2 meters in length and weighed approximately 20 kg. It was found in the Bajo de la Carpa Formation and was named by paleontologist José Bonaparte in 1991 after the historian Don Gregorio Alvarez. The Alvarezsauridae are an enigmatic family of small, long-legged running dinosaurs. Although originally thought to represent the earliest known flightless birds, a consensus of recent work suggests that they are primitive members of the Maniraptora. Other work found them to be the sister group to the Ornithomimosauria. The type species is A. calvoi. It was bipedal, had a long tail and its leg structure suggests that it was a fast runner. It may have been insectivorous and was basal to better-known members of its family, such as Mononykus and Shuvuuia. It has been alternately classified with both non-avian theropod dinosaurs and early birds. (information from Wikipedia.org) This replica is casted from a complete skeleton of A. calvoi.


Alvarezsaurus calvoi (cast)
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