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Labels: Dinosauria   Herbivorous   Jurassic   Late Jurassic   Mesozoic   North America   Saurischia   Sauropoda   Skull   USA   

Taxonomy:Saurischia: Sauropodomorpha: Sauropoda
Age:Late Jurassic
Length:0.35 meters


The Upper Jurassic genus Camarasaurus (Cope ,1877,1878; Osborn and Mook, 1921; Gilmore, 1925) is the most common North American sauropod and the only one for which all parts of the skeleton are known. The powerfully built skull is short and high, with a buldog shaped muzzle. Huge weight-saving hollows in its vertebrae gave this sauropod its name, chambered lizard. Camarasaurus was more massive than the more famous Diplodocus but had a shorter neck and tail, relatively long forelimbs and high shoulders, and stood with its back almost horizontal rather than rising to the hips. Whereas Diplodocus had a small, low, horse- like head, Camarasaurus head was large and deep, with a muzzlemore like a bulldog.


Camarasaurus skull cast
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