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Labels: Carnivorous   Complete   Europe   Fish   Germany   Late Jurassic   Marine   Osteichthyes   Pachycormidae   Plaque   Solnhofen   
Asthenocormus titanius

Taxonomy:Actinopterygii: Pachycormidae
Age:Late Jurassic
Locality:Solnhofen, Germany
Length:2.1 meters
Width:0.8 meters
Weight:20 Kg


This cast corresponds to the third complete specimen ever found out in the Solnhofen area. This giant fish measured up to two meters. Box included 50Kg, slab 20 Kg.

Casting materials

High density polyhuretan


Asthenocormus titanius slab
2200 EUR   (Convert)
Unpainted Asthenocormus titanius
1800 EUR   (Convert)

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