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Datousaurus bashanensis

Taxonomy:Saurischia: Sauropoda: Cetiosauridae
Age:Middle Jurassic
Locality:Zigong, Sichuan, Xiashaximiao Formation
Length:14 meters
Width:2.5 meters
Height:4.5 meters
Weight:400 Kg


Discovered along with Shunosaurus lii at Dashanpu, Datousaurus bashanensis was described in a 1984 paper by Dong and IVPP paleontologist Tang Zilou. Presently classified as a cetiosaurid, Datousaurus is known from a fairly complete skeleton and a skull. From Dinodata.org.

Casting materials

Polyester Resin


Peng, G.; Ye, Y.; Gao, Y.; Shu, C. & Jiang, S. (2005)


Datousaurus bashanensis mounted skeleton
26000 EUR   (Convert)
Datousaurus bashanensis loan (€/month)
7000 EUR   (Convert)

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