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Arstanosaurus species undescribed

Taxonomy:Hadrosauridae, Hadrosaurinae
Age:Late Cretaceous (Santonian), Bayn Shireh Formation
Locality:Baishin Tsav, Gobi Desert, Southeastern Mongolia
Length:0.14 meters


Arstanosaurus (meaning "Arstan lizard") was a genus of hadrosaurid dinosaur from the Santonian-Campanian-age, Upper Cretaceous of Bostobinskaya Formation, Kazakhstan. It has had a confusing history, being considered both a hadrosaurid and a ceratopsid, or both at the same time (chimeric). The genus was based on a maxilla (AAIZ 1/1), with a femur possibly referable. A juvenile skeleton from Mongolia has been attributed to Arstanosaurus, but on what grounds is unknown. It is under study. It was formerly called "Gadolosaurus " (information from Wikipedia.org). This is a cast replica of the skull from a young hadrosaurid (duck-billed dinosaur) with an estimated age of 3-4 years and the shipping for this product is free!


Arstanosaurus species undescribed
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