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Dvinia prima

Taxonomy:Therapsida; Cynodontia; Family Dviniidae
Age:Late Permian, Zone IV, 245 million years ago
Locality:Sokolki, Malaya Severnaya, Northern Russia
Length:0.1 meters


Dvinia was a therapsid mammal-like "reptile" of the family Dviniidae found in Sokoli on the Dvina river near Archangelsk in Russia. Its fossil remains date from the Late Permian and were found with Inostrancevia, Scutosaurus and Dicynodon trautscholdi. The species was small omnivore containing an extremely large temporal opening typical of advanced therapsids, with a thin bone separating the eye and muscle attachment. It is very close in the evolutionary line to mammals, but more analysis of the Cynodontia's is needed. The teeth contain small incisors followed by 2 canines and 10-14 molar teeth following. (information from Wikipedia.org) This product is a skull replica cast from a specimen of the Dvinia prima species, found in Sokolki, Malaya Severnaya (Small North) Dvinia River near Archangel'sk in Northern Russia. The shipping for this product is free!


Dvinia prima
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