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Eotitanosuchus olsoni juvenile skull

Taxonomy:Therapsida; Eotheriodontia; Family Eotitanosuchida
Age:Late Permian, Zone I, 255 million years ago
Locality:Ocher, Perm Region, Russia
Length:0.35 meters


Eotitanosuchus olsoni ("Olson's dawn giant crocodile") was a mammal-like "reptile" occurring in the town of Ochyor in Perm Krai, Russia, in channel flood deposits along with Biarmosuchus tener, Estemmenosuchus uralensis and Estemmenosuchus mirabilis. It lived about 255 mya and was a very large animal (it is estimated that the adult skull would be about 1 meter long). Like Biarmosuchus tener, it was primitive in that, though it was a predator, the temple opening behind the eye was small, giving it a weak bite. The temple was, however, larger at the top than in the biarmosuchians. (information from wikipedia.org). This skull is a replica from a juvenile specimen, with a lenght of about 35 cm and the shipping for this one is free!


Eotitanosuchus olsoni juvenile skull
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