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3 Gobipteryx minuta eggs

Category:Eggs and embryos
Taxonomy:Aves (birds): Gobipterygiformes; Gobipterygidae
Age:Late Cretaceous, 75-85 million years old
Locality:Khermin Tsav, Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Length:0.04 meters


Gobipteryx is the name given to a genus of enantiornithine bird from the Late Cretaceous Period. Its fossils were found in the Barun Goyot Formation in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia and first described in 1976 from two fragmentary skulls (ZPAL-MgR-I/12 and ZPAL-MgR-I/32; Elżanowski, 1976). The type and only described species is Gobipteryx minuta. Gobipteryx is sometimes considered distinct enough to be classified in a distinct order (Gobipterygiformes) and family (Gobipterygidae), but most scientists refuse to accept classification beyond the genus, pending analysis of more material of the species and its putative relatives. (information from Wikipedia.org) This product consists in replicas of 3 eggs thought to belong to Gobipteryx and the shipping is free!.


Gobipteryx minuta
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