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Ingenia yanshini

Taxonomy:Theropoda; Oviraptorosauria; Oviraptoridae
Age:Late Cretaceous (Campanian), 75 million years ago
Locality:Gobi Desert, Peoples' Republic of Mongolia
Length:0.1 meters


"Ingenia", the "one from Ingen Khoboor," comes from several formations in the Upper Cretaceous of the Mesozoic, approximately 70 million years ago, and derives most prominently from the Bugin Tsav beds of the Nemegt Formation. It is known from only a few specimens, which includes only the arms, legs, pelvis, shoulder girdle, and partial skull, and a few vertebrae. Material referred to "Ingenia" comes from older formations, but these are not well described. (information from wikipedia.org) This is a skull replica from Ingenia yanshini (the only species described so far) and the shipping for this one is free!


Ingenia yanshini
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