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Platyoposaurus stuckenbergi

Taxonomy:Temnospondyli: Eryopoidae; Family Archegosauridae
Age:Late Permian, Zone I and Zone II, 299-290 million
Locality:Belebey, Bashkortostan, Russia
Length:0.37 meters


Platyposaurus was a carnivorous Temnospondyli amphibian from the late Permain period about 255-250 million years ago. One of the discoveries includes a skull 28 cm long with a purported body length of 250 cm representing a carnivorous adult specimen. The fossil remains were found in Belebey, Bashkortostan in Russia, and the name Platyposaurus means "flat faced reptile" (information from wikipedia.org). It ocupied the ecological niche of today's crocodilians. This replica is a cast from a skull of a Platyoposaurus stuckenbergi and the shipping for this one is free!


Platyoposaurus stuckenbergi
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