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Prenocephale prenes

Taxonomy:Pachycephalosauria; Pachycephalosauridae
Age:Late Cretaceous, 70 million years ago
Locality:Gobi Desert, Nemegt, Mongolia
Length:0.23 meters


Prenocephale is a member of the Pachycephalosauria, a large clade of herbivorous/omnivorous dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous. Like some other pachycephalosaurs, Prenocephale is known only from skulls, and a few other small bones. For this reason, reconstructions usually depict Prenocephale as sharing the basic body plan common to all of the other Pachycephalosauria: a stout body with a short, thick neck, short forelimbs and tall hind legs. Unlike the flattened wedge-shaped skull of Homalocephale, the head of Prenocephale was rounded and sloping. The dome had a row of small, bony spikes and bumps. It lived in what is now Mongolia; but in high upland forests, not the dry deserts of Mongolia today. (information from Wikipedia.org) This replica is based on a Prenocephale prenes skull found in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia and the shipping for this one is free!


Prenocephale prenes
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