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Suminia getmanovi

Category:Other Reptiles
Taxonomy:Therapsida; Anomodontia
Age:Late Permian, Zone III, 250 million years ago
Locality:Kotelnich on the Vyatka River, Russia
Length:0.2 meters


Suminia getmanovi was a species of stem-mammal, in the clade Anomodontia, which lived 260 million years ago in the late Permian ("zone II"). This anomodont was discovered in Kotelnich on the Vyatka River Russia. It is found in sandstone sediment, so most likely represents a delta-dwelling species, but this is not conclusive, as other habitats may have been involved but the species was never fossilized in that habitat. S. getmanovi has teeth that are heavily abraded, suggesting plant material of high silica content. Newer fossils indicate that it led an arboreal lifestyle. (information from Wikipedia.org) This replica is a plaque of a Suminia getmanovi still involved in preserved sediment and the shipping for this one is free!


Suminia getmanovi
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