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Therizinosaurus cheloniformis

Taxonomy:Theropoda; relationships uncertain
Age:Late Cretaceous, 70 million years ago
Locality:Gobi Desert, Southern Mongolia
Length:0.7 meters


Therizinosaurus is a genus of very large theropod dinosaur. Therizinosaurus lived in the late Cretaceous Period (late Campanian-early Maastrichtian stages, around 70 million years ago), and was one of the last and largest representatives of its unique group, the Therizinosauria. Its fossils were first discovered in Mongolia and they were originally thought to belong to a turtle-like reptile (hence the species name, T. cheloniformis — "turtle-formed"). It is known only from a few bones, including gigantic hand claws, from which it gets its name. Though the fossil remains of Therizinosaurus are incomplete, inferences can be made about its physical characteristics based on related therizinosaurids. Like other members of its family, Therizinosaurus probably had a small skull atop a long neck, with a bipedal gait and a heavy, deep body (as evidenced by the wide pelvis of other therizinosaurids). Its forelimbs may have reached a length of 2.5 meters (8 ft) long. Its hind limbs ended in four weight-bearing toes, unlike other theropod groups, in which the first toe was reduced to a dewclaw. The most distinctive feature of Therizinosaurus was the presence of three gigantic claws on each digit of its front limbs. These were especially large in Therizinosaurus, and while the largest claw specimens are incomplete, they probably reached just under 1 meter (3.28 feet) in length. This casts is of one of those incomplete claws and comes with free shipping!


Therizinosaurus cheloniformis
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