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Zygomaturus tasmanicus

Taxonomy:Vombatiformes, Diprotodontidae
Age:Late Tertiary and Quaternary Periods
Locality:Tasmania, Australia
Length:2.5 meters


Zygomaturus is an extinct giant marsupial from Australia during the Pleistocene. It had a heavy body and thick legs and is believed to be similar to the modern Pygmy Hippopotamus in both size and build. The genus moved on all fours. It lived in the wet coastal margins of Australia and became extinct about 45,000 years ago. Zygomaturus also is believed to have expanded its range toward the interior of the continent along the waterways. It is believed to have lived solitarily or possibly in small herds. Zygomaturus probably ate reeds and sedges by shoveling them up in clumps with its lower incisor teeth. (information from wikipedia.org) This replica is casted from a complete Zygomaturus tasmanicus skeleton. The shipping for this product is free!


Zygomaturus tasmanicus skeleton
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