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Taxonomy:Cetacea; Archaeoceti; Basilosauridae
Age:Mid Eocene
Locality:Western Sahara
Length:1.1 meters


Basilosaurus ("King Lizard") is a genus of cetacean that lived from 40 to 34 million years ago in the Late Eocene. Its fossilized remains were first discovered in the southern United States (Louisiana), and were initially believed to be some sort of reptilian sea monster, hence the suffix -"saurus", but later it was found that was not the case. Fossils from at least two other species of this taxon have been found in Egypt and Pakistan. Basilosaurus averaged about 18 meters (60 ft) in length, and is believed to have been the largest animal to have lived in its time. It displayed an unparalleled degree of elongation compared with modern whales. Their very small vestigial hind limbs have also been a matter of interest for paleontologists. (information from Wikipedia.org) This replica is a cast from a skull of a specimen dicovered in the Western Sahara.


Basilosaurus skull
8800 EUR   (Convert)
Complete skeleton
55000 EUR   (Convert)

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