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Homo heidelbergensis Broken Hill 1

Homo heidelbergensis Broken Hill 1Pleistocene Zambia Africa Hominidae

Category:Man & Apes
Locality:Zambia, Africa
Length:0.17 meters


Homo heidelbergensis has a character intermediate between Homo erectus, Homo ergaster and Homo sapiens. Appeared more than 500.000 years ago and lasted until at least 250.000 years ago. Individuals were tall and strong, very large flattened skulls compared with those of modern man, with protruding jaws and large nasal opening. The replica belongs to the cranium Broken Hill 1, discovered by Tom Zvigelaar on June 17, 1921 in Kabwe, Zambia, its age is 300,000 years and was the first fossil of a primitive man found in Africa.


Homo heidelbergensis Broken Hill 1
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