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Labels: Caveman   Cenozoic   China   Hominid   Homo erectus   Omnivorous   Pleistocene   
Homo erectus pekinensis

Homo erectus pekinensis Choukoutien specimen skull Pleistocene Choukoutien, China

Category:Man & Apes
Locality:Choukoutien, China
Length:0.15 meters


Homo erectus was bipedal, had a low, rounded skull, bones, including skull, were thicker than those of preceding species. Some prominent muscle scars and thick reinforced areas on the bones indicate that the body of H. erectus could withstand powerful movements and tensions. Reconstruction of male skull according to Dr. G. Wandel. Original parts belong to the Middle Pleistocene cave found in the bottom of Choukoutien southwest of Beijing in China.


Homo erectus pekinensis
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