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Tapejara (Ingridia) navigans skull

Tapejara Ingridia navigans skull Pterosauria pterosaur Tapejaridae Santana Formation Brazil Early Cretaceous

Category:Other Reptiles
Taxonomy:Pterosauria: Tapejaridae
Age:Early Cretaceous
Locality:Santana Formation, Brazil
Length:0.51 meters
Height:0.92 meters


Several studies in 2007 showed that T. imperator and possibly T. navigans are too different from T. wellnhoferi and therefore require their own genus names. The species T. imperator was given its own genus, Tupandactylus, by Kellner and Campos. Unwin and Martill found that T. imperator and T. navigans belong in the same genus, and named them Ingridia imperator and I. navigans, respectively. The genus name honoured Wellnhofer's late wife Ingrid. Because Tupandactylus was named first, it retains priority over the name Ingridia.


Tapejara (Ingridia) navigans skull
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