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Indricotherium transouralicum

Indricotherium transourali Mammalia Hyracodontidae Kazakhstan Mongolia China Oligocene

Category:Non Dinosauria
Taxonomy:Mammalia: Hyracodontidae
Locality:Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China
Length:8 meters
Width:2.3 meters
Height:5.5 meters


This huge, hornless, rhinoceros-like, extinct mammal was the largest land mammal known, weighing up to 20 t. Also known as Paraceratherium or Baluchitherium (in case of synonymy, the former would be the senior synonym).

Casting materials

The models, made by fiberglass and mounting artificial eyes, are easy to assemble. Each step in the manufacturing process, from anatomical drawings to the finished 1:1 sculpture, are documented and made under strict supervision of palaeontologists.


Indricotherium transouralicum
49000 EUR   (Convert)

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