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Odontopteryx gigas

Odontopteryx gigas Upper Paleogene Phosphate Beds Oued Zem Morocco cast replica toothd bird

Taxonomy:Aves: Odontopterygiformes
Age:Upper Paleogene
Locality:Oued Zem Morocco
Length:4 meters


The first skeleton (composite) ever restored of this thoothed bird, one of the oldest and largest representarive of this unusual group. It took 5 years to gather bones from the quarry in Morocco, choosing among thousand of worthless specimens belonging many different species of birds, crocodiles, snakes and mammals, as well as other animals of other ages. This specimen with a wingspan of 4m is larger than any animal flying nowadays.


Odontopteryx taking-off posture
15000 EUR   (Convert)
Odontopteryx resting position
12000 EUR   (Convert)

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