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Age:Late Cretaceous
Length:0.3 meters


The horned dinosaur Centrosaurus(well-horned lizard) resembled a large rhinoceros. Like the rhinoceros, it had a heavy head, strong shoulders, pillar-like legs, broadhoofed toes, a small tail, and a long, pointed nasal horn. In Centrosaurus, the massive head also had two small brown horns above the eyes. The original specimen was an isolated crest.More complete skulls with a large single nose-horn were only identified later, and the two hook-shaped spurs of bone that face each other at the very top of the frill are the source of the name, not the prominent nasal horn as commonly stated. Lambe originally misidentified a piece of another hook-like bony process that projects downward over the parietal opening on each side of the frill as part of a nasal horn. The replica consists of a flesh-out model on a scale of 1:20


Centrosaurus 1 to 20
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